Monday, August 13, 2018

Common Myths About CrossFit

Former sergeant of operations for the Israel Defense Forces, Iftach Jacob enjoys hobbies that include following sports such as soccer and the NBA. Beyond that, Iftach Jacob enjoys participating in physical activities such as Crossfit.

Most people have at least heard of CrossFit. Yet despite its widespread recognition, there are still many myths about the exercise style, including:

- It’s dangerous: There is a risk of injury with CrossFit, as with any workout. But the belief that CrossFit itself is dangerous is incorrect. What’s dangerous is not performing moves properly and either ignoring coaches or having bad coaches.

- It’s for fit people: While it’s true that many athletic people are drawn to CrossFit because of its ability to challenge practitioners, the exercise is not only for people who are already fit. CrossFit welcomes people of all fitness levels.

- It’s all you need: CrossFit is a great workout, but it’s rarely the only form of training needed. Rather than relying on CrossFit on its own, people must create unique training programs to attain their end goal.

- It’s not good for seniors: Older adults hoping to improve their mobility and range of motion can enjoy CrossFit just as much as younger adults. In fact, the workout has specific competitions and groups for people in varying age ranges.

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